Resources in Grand Island

Nebraska Federation of Families
Contact: Candy Kennedy
Phone: (877) 239-8880
MFLC-Military and Family Life Consultant Program
JFSAP-Joint Family Support Assistance Program
Contact: Louise Jacobs
Phone: (402) 219-2163
Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Inc.
1811 W. 2nd St. Ste 365
Grand Island, NE 68803
Phone: (308) 382-4255

At Ease Program:
Connect with others to discuss the challenges and the rewards of the military lifestyle

Find support by meeting others who share common experiences.

Offer support to others by sharing your story.

Contact: April Follmer for more information.

Chamber of Commerce-308-382-9210
Central Nebraska Community Services-308-385-5500
Goodwill Industries-308-384-7896
Heartland United Way-308-382-2675
Hope Harbor-308-385-5190
Mid-Plains Center-308-385-5021​​​​​
Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island-308-385-5242
Nebraska Dept of Health and Human Services-308-385-6100
Nebraska Family Helpline-888-866-8660
Nebraska Rural Response Hotline-800-464-0258
Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission-800-291-8911
Public Library-308-385-5333
Salvation Army-308-382-4855​​
Assistance/General Services
Asistencia/Servicios Generales​
Crisis/Disaster ~ Crisis/Desastre
Adult/Child Abuse Hotline-800-652-1999
Adult/Child Abuse and Neglect-308-385-6123
American Red Cross-308-382-3790
Crisis Center-Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault-308-381-0555
Nebraska Family Helpline-888-866-8660
Hall County Emergency Management-308-385-5360
Mid Plains Center (Mental Health Crisis)-800-515-3326
National Runaway Hotline-800-786-2929
Poison Control Center-800-222-1222
Salvation Army-308-382-4855
Suicide Prevention Hotline-800-273-8255​​​​​​​​​​​​
Disability Services ~ Servicios Para Discapacitados
Adult Day Care Center-308-385-5320 Ext.32
​Independence Rising (Center for Independent Living)-308-382-9255
Central Nebraska Support Service-308-385-5900
Citizen Advocacy-308-385-5542
Early Development Services-308-398-5525
Hotline for Disability Services-800-742-7594
Mid-Nebraska Individual Services-308-385-5775
​​​​​​​​Nebraska Commission for the Hearing Impaired-402-471-3593
Nebraska Relay Service-800-833-0920
Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired-402-471-3593
Vocational Rehabilitation-308-385-6200
                  Toll Free-800-862-3382​​​​​
Clothing Assistance ~ Asistencia De Ropa
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church-308-398-3443
Goodwill Industries-308-384-7896
Seventh-Day Adventist Church-308-382-4456
St. Leo's Catholic Church Annual Coat Drive-308-382-4753
Salvation Army-308-382-4855​​​​​
Adult Education: Basic Literacy/Classes for GED preparation/ESL-308-398-7432
Advanced Services-Capital Ave-308-382-1500
                               Stolley Park Rd-308-384-2120
Associated Staffing-308-384-4885
Central Community College-308-398-4222
              Project Help-308-398-7951
              Student Support Services-308-398-7529
College Park-308-398-7275
Essential Personnel-308-381-4400
Grand Island Public Schools Outreach Center-308-385-5900
Head/Early/Even Start-308-385-5115
Job Corps-308-385-0640
Literacy Council-308-385-5515
Nebraska Dept. of Labor-308-385-6300
Parenting Classes-YWCA-308-384-9922
Unemployment Insurance-402-458-2500​​​​​​​
UNL Extension (Hall County)-308-385-5088
Vocational Rehabilitation-308-385-6200
                   Toll Free-800-862-3382​​​
Exchange/Visitation Services
Intercambio/Servicios De Visita​
Crisis Center-308-381-0555
Financial Help ~ Ayuda Financiera
Consumer Credit Counseling-308-381-4551
Social Security Administration-308-385-6440
Veterans Services-308-385-5065​​
Food ~ Alimentos
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church-308-384-0532
Commodities Supplemental Food Program-308-385-5505
Community Food Panty (Salvation Army)-308-382-4855
Food Stamps-800-383-4278
Meals on Wheels-308-385-5320
​​​​​Nutrition Education Program-308-385-5088
St. Mary's Catholic Church-308-384-2523
Women, Infants & Children (WIC)-308-385-5188​​